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TMJ TMDIf you suffer from tenderness in your jaw, or a popping and clicking with you open or close your mouth, you may suffer from TMJ. TMJ describes the variety of conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (the point in front of the ears where the jaw opens and closes) and nerves, which can result in chronic jaw and facial pain. When the jaw is abused by teeth grinding, a jaw injury, or weakened by age, pain in the area can occur.

The exact cause of TMJ disorder is not fully understood. According to Dr. Oglesby, factors can be related to an improper bite, injury, arthritis, or severe stress. Clenching or grinding the teeth can often develop from stress, causing tired muscles or painful spasms. Repeated muscle problems can affect the joints and result in tissue damage or muscle tenderness.

Proper diagnosis of TMJ is critical to ensuring you receive the treatment you need. We will only recommend treatment after a thorough examination of your health history, a clinical exam, and appropriate x-rays. Some of our TMJ treatment solutions include:

• Physical therapy
• Stress management and posture techniques
• Bite plates
• Pain relievers
• Orthodontics to put teeth in proper position

When there’s an imbalance in the jaw, the muscles in the neck and shoulders try to compensate, causing pain and headaches that can’t be relieved until the jaw is realigned. Using dental splints to re-position to teeth, mouth guards to eliminate grinding, or surgery, Dr. Oglesby can treat your TMJ and relieve your pain.

Dr. Oglesby is experienced with effectively diagnosing and treating TMJ. Together we will develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!